buy cheap Seroquel with dr. prescription For those looking to get away, the last thing they want is go to a place packed with people and fast-paced activity. Even a beach holiday can become a nightmare when you find yourself surrounded on all sides with sunbathers, loungers, towels, coolers, and volleyball games.

enter site So if you’re no fan of crowds, but want to escape, here are several destinations worth considering.

10Negril, Jamaica

Negril Beach Jamaica

With a population of just under 7,000, Negril is a widely dispersed beach resort in Jamaica. And despite travel magazines consistently naming it one of the top 10 beaches in the world, it’s still very far from a crowded destination. The beach itself is over four miles long, and that alone makes it a tough one to fill with crowds.

9Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island Florida

Mention a Florida vacation to anyone, and they’ll usually chime in with Miami beaches, or Orlando (and Disney). But there is a place in Florida, hiding away, that is far from the overcrowding of those typical spots. Amelia Island is enchanting, with over 13 miles of beaches, plus incredible scenery, wildlife, dining, fishing, boating, and so much more. Tour the website and one thing you’ll instantly notice is how quiet and peaceful everything looks. Not a lot of hustle and bustle. The beaches are almost deserted.

8Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach South Carolina

Located on Folly Island, there are many words that come to mind when describing Folly Beach. Charming, open, remote, tranquil, peaceful, refreshing, and comfortable, are just a few that barely scratch the surface of the place locals call “the Edge of America.” The beaches are wide open, there a long piers to walk along, local shops to peruse, and plenty of hotels and inns to accommodate your needs.

7Upolu, Samoa

Upolu Islands Samoa

There are few places that live up to that idyllic Hollywood vision of a tropical beach paradise; Upolu, Samoa, is one of them. Immaculate white beaches, crystal blue water, tall palm trees, beach huts, and waterfalls, make Upolu a feast for your eyes. And fortunately, not too many eyes, as this blissful destination is rarely in anyone’s top 20 places to go and visit. You can take advantage of that, and get away for some peace and quiet that will be the envy of others… once they see your photos on Facebook. You’ll find incredible fresh food in the market on Fugalei Street, you can take up diving, and even venture into the rain forests.

6County Donegal, Ireland

County Donegal Ireland

Lonely Planet has described County Donegal as “a county of extremes: at times desolate and battered by brutal weather, yet in turn a land of unspoiled splendor where stark peaks and sweeping beaches bask in glorious sunshine.”

Anyone who has ever traveled to this part of Europe knows that the bad weather will always play a part in the vacation at some point. But for those wanting to avoid crowds, and take in a beautiful slice of Irish charm, County Donegal is perfect.

5Most Areas of Guam

Guam Tumon Bay

If you don’t know it, Guam is a U.S. island territory in Micronesia, and it’s a tropical paradise filled with the whitest beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear water. Visit places like Asan, Talofofo, and Ritidian Point, and you can find yourself on a clear stretch of beach that feels like Hawaii, but looks like a scene from Robinson Crusoe. If you want to avoid the crowds, avoid Tuman Bay — that’s the center of Guam’s tourism industry.

4New Braunfels, Texas

New Braunfels Texas

Imagine a place where Texan and German cultures coexist in perfect harmony. That’s New Braunfels, a town in Texas that was founded in 1845 by Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, Germany. For the locals, it’s nothing special to see German billboards and street names, but for those tourists who come to stay, it can be something of a surprise. There are a variety of activities for vacationers here, including tubing down the river, paddle boating, the Wurstfest, and Schlitterbahn Waterpark. There’s also plenty of wildlife, the largest caverns in Texas, and spooky ghost tours. Some will call it quaint, or even unremarkable, but if you want a relaxing, uncrowded vacation, give it a try.

3Mindanao, Philippines

Philippines Samal Island

The second largest island in the Philippines (Luzon holds the top spot), Mindanao has some of the most stunning scenery and natural wonders that you will ever see on vacation. Take Maria Cristina Falls, a waterfall that powers a hydroelectric plant, giving Mindanao most of its electricity. It’s sometimes known as the “twin falls,” and at over 320 feet high, surrounded by lush trees and vegetation, it could be at home in a King Kong movie. And once you arrive, your money will stretch far. For example, one liter of high quality Tanduay Rum costs just 45 pesos; at the current exchange rate, that’s around 96 cents.

2Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua Beach New Zealand

Nicknamed “New Zealand’s Coolest Hot Spot,” the big draw for people who’ve done their research are the hot springs of Rotorua. The volcanic activity has created natural hot-water attractions such as Te Rata Bay (Hot Water Beach) and Hells Gate Mud Bath, which has been used for generations by Maori to ease joint and muscle pain.

1Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina Peru

It’s got sand. Lots of sand. And, it’s got water. But this is no beach vacation. Huacachina is a desert oasis located in Southern Peru, and offers dune buggy rides and sand boarding for those who like adventure far from the masses. Located five hours south of Lima, you will stay in a paradise surrounded by ancient mountains of sand in every direction.


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