order Neurontin online With their colorful antics and melodious songs, birds keep people entertained. So why not encourage them to hang around? A bird feeder makes for a compelling invite. Take a gander at our favorites:

Nordic Pine

http://aspenlogandbeetlekillpinefurniture.com/ BFNordic

No trees? No problem! This stately, glazed pine bird feeder stands tall and offers plenty of perches. Weatherproof and classically crafted, it will attract birds and compliments.

Peary Pretty


Artfully shaped like pear blossoms, this adorable feeder features rust-resistant “branches” that cradle two suet cakes. Your feathered friends stay full. Your yard stays stylish.

Looks Like Jewelry


Show your love for all things avian. This steel, heart-shaped bird feeder boasts a durable ruby red finish and resembles a pendant on a necklace.

Cute Cottage


With a pine-shingled roof and charming stone façade, this cottage-style bird feeder is designed like a dream home for humans. Your winged guests will want to settle in.

UK Cool


Bring British style to your backyard with a feeder that replicates an iconic police call box. It holds 2 pounds of bird seed, but it may prompt those cheeky birds to start squawking for fish and chips!

Striking Sunflower


Birds can’t resist a sumptuous flower (who can?). Invite them to enjoy their favorite bloom and a good meal. Thanks to this feeder’s rust-free steel construction, the birds will be back to visit again and again.

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