neurontin 300 mgs Getting plenty of sleep can ensure better workouts, better health, better sex—better everything. But do you ever find yourself asking, “How can I sleep better?”

buy Lyrica in uk Most of us need 7-9 hours a night, but new research shows that even so-called “super sleepers,” who can sleep less than that amount each night without feeling exhausted, could be suffering from greater health consequences than they might realize.

Still, just laying in bed for 8 hours doesn’t mean you’re getting quality sleep. There are tons of factors that affect how well you sleep ranging from how many times you hit your snooze button to how many many alcoholic drinks you typically consume in one evening.

buy plavix online Thanks to the Sleep Matters Club, a sleep publication in the UK, you can measure your personal “sleep score” using their Sleep Health Calculator. The quiz not only determines the quality of your sleep but also tells you how you can improve it.


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