Ceiling panels are not just for ceilings anymore. See how easy it is to use them in an unexpected way for unique mantel decor.

Kelly Moore, of Here Comes the Sun, created this eye catching decor frame using decorative ceiling panels and  millwork moulding pieces. It has the look of old-fashioned tin, but since the panels are made from PVC it’s super lightweight and easy to work with.

Just follow Kelly’s simple step-by-step tutorial.

Simple Mantel Decor Frame

Materials for Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Double sided tape for PVC decorative ceiling panels

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Step 1: Tape the Panels Together

Fasade decorative drop ceiling panels made from PVC

For this project, I used two Decorative Ceiling Panels.

Place the panels face up and attach double sided tape to the long edge of one of the panels.

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Remove the protective backing from the tape.

Match the second panel up with the first, and press down to adhere the panels together.

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Step 2: Measure the Panels

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Measure the long edge of the panel. The length of the panel was 24¼ in.

Step 3: Determine Your Overlap

Determine how much of an overlap you want with your panels and the moulding frame.

I chose to have a 1 in. overlap on each side. Using the measurement from Step 2, subtract 2x the amount of overlap.

If you want a 1 in. overlap: 24¼ in. – 2 = 22¼ in.

This will be the measurement you need for the next step.

Step 4: Cut the Moulding

Cutting moulding for Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Place the moulding into the miter box and make a 45-degree cut on one end.

Step 5: Measure the Inside Edge of the Moulding

Creating frame from moulding

Creating decor frame from moulding

Using the measurement from Step 3, measure along the bottom (inside) edge of the molding and mark this distance on the molding.

Step 6: Cut the Outer End of the Moulding

Creating a decorative frame from millwork moulding

Place the moulding into the miter box, lining the mark up with the slot.

Make sure you are using the opposite slot that you used to cut in Step 4.

Cut your moulding to 45 degrees.

Your finished piece of molding should look like what you see in the photo above.

Step 7: Cut the Second Piece of Moulding

Creating a frame from millwork moulding

Use the piece of moulding that you just cut as a template to cut your second piece.

Step 8: Cut the Two Remaining Sides

Repeat Steps 4-7 to cut the moulding for the other two sides of your frame.

Step 9: Put the Decor Frame Together

Decorative frame made from moulding

Place the frame together place, using a small amount of Gorilla Glue to hold the corners together. Gluing the frame together is optional, but it provides more stability when you screw the frame together.

Building a frame with millwork moulding

When the glue is dry, turn the frame over, place the corner brackets on each corner and screw into the frame.

Decorative frame made from moulding

Step 10: Attach the Decorative Ceiling Panels to the Frame

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Place double-sided tape along the inside edge of the frame.

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

Remove the backing from the double sided tape and place the panels (right side down) onto the tape.

Press to secure.


You’re done!

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

This DIY decor frame is a great statement piece for any room. You can hang it on the wall or lean it on a shelf or mantel. The decorative ceiling panels are lightweight so it is easy to move.

I chose to use this frame as a backdrop for my mantel decor. Here is a before shot of the fireplace area:

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

And here is how I dressed up the mantel.

Simple DIY for Unique Mantel Decor

I really love how this turned out. The white frame ties in with my mantel, can be used all year round, and is the perfect backdrop for many types of decor.

This project is perfect for decorating large wall areas. It is great for the rooms in your house that have high/vaulted ceilings.

So next time you think that ceiling panels are just for ceilings, think again! They have many unique uses.

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