For some people, running can easily get boring. And even veteran harriers get tired of running the same route a few times a week.

buy modafinil australia online But how about running the same path over and over again for one year?

Tastylia Supplier Runner Jeff Dougherty did it—and he took the challenge to a whole new level when he decided to run the same 5-mile loop in his hometown in a span of one year while filming the whole thing on his GoPro.

Now that’s dedication—a total of 159.5 miles of dedication, to be exact.

Dougherty, who calls himself “The Hyperunner,” was training for the Madison Marathon in Montana when he had the idea to record his practice runs. With the GoPro strapped on his head, he took a total of 98,366 photos with the time-lapse setting, and compiled all these images into one moving picture.

The amazing video shows the changes of seasons, weather and lighting over the course of one year, all on one trail.

How cool is that?


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