I asked my friend, nutrition genius and Performance Fitness Concepts founder Philip Goglia, Ph.D., to help me synopsize “eating for rippedness,” so here it goes:

http://lakesiderestaurantcumberland.com/menu-card-cat/lakeside-platters/ Pre-Workout:
1 tbsp Justin’s almond butter; 1 tbsp fruit jam

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk Post-Workout:
3 whole eggs (or 4–6 oz chicken breast or a protein shake); 1 piece fruit

buy modafinil in ireland Mid-Morning:
Another fruit

4–6oz protein; vegetable; 1⁄2 potato or 1⁄2 cup rice

1 piece fruit; 1 serving (about 12) raw almonds

12–16oz salmon, sea bass, or black cod; 1 cup spinach or asparagus

After Dinner:
Another fruit or 1 tbsp honey

Here’s why: You need a light meal of fat/carbs for energy for a.m. training, then protein/carbs for recovery. At night, fatty fish promotes deep sleep, resulting in growth-hormone release. And a simple carb before bed makes blood sugar spike then crash, readying you for sleep (crucial for fat burning/muscle repair).


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